Investment Fund Data Model

Collective Investment Vehicles (CIV) is one of the fourteen main packages of the Financial Industry Business Data Model, FIB-DM 2020/Q1 Informative version. For Investment Managers and Servicers, the new data model derived from the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) provides packages for corporate actions, market data, securities, and derivatives.

The package diagram contains all CIV entities. In other words, all entities with the code starting fibo-civ.

  • Base Entities, in yellow, derived from FIBO classes, are things of interest to the fund.

Associative entities, blue, derived from FIBO object properties, connect two or more base entities. Note that the associated second entity may be in another package and hence not depicted in the diagram.

The Fund, Fund Unit, Terms entities are oversized to accommodate the numerous relationships. Textboxes point out clusters of entities modeling fund specifics:

  • Legal – the fund structure and legal entity
  • Characteristics are the fund type, properties and further information
  • Servicing Parties associate roles, such as manager, advisor, auditor, provider to the fund. Notice the side-by-side subtype hierarchies of associative entity and Thing in Role, typical for Semantic Data Models.
  • Investment Policy and Restrictions are modelled in another cluster of entities.
  • The Portfolio and Processing have their definition in the lower right corner.

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Collective Investment Vehicles (Funds)
Collective Investment Vehicles (Funds)

The table lists entities in the diagram.

accounting Year End Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:accountingYearEndDateLast day of the accounting year for the fund.
Accumulating Share Classfibo-civ-fnd-civ:AccumulatingShareClassA share class in which there is no option to reinvest.
allowed Investor Typefibo-civ-fnd-civ:allowedInvestorTypeType of investor that can invest in the fund class.
Annual Reporting Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:AnnualReportingPolicyReports are presented once a year
Annualized Performance Determination Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:AnnualizedPerformanceDeterminationMethodAnnualized performance determination.
Asset Class Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:AssetClassStrategyStrategy which is asset class based.
authorized Countryfibo-civ-fnd-civ:authorizedCountryCountry in which it is authorised to commercialise the fund.
benchmark Weightfibo-civ-fnd-civ:benchmarkWeightInstrument weighting in the benchmark for the portfolio.
Bricks And Mortar Holdingfibo-civ-fnd-civ:BricksAndMortarHoldingA holding of built property.
Common Share In Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:CommonShareInFundA share unit in a fund, which is classified as a Common Share class.
constituted Asfibo-civ-fnd-civ:constitutedAsThe Special Purpose Vehicle is constituted as some kind of Formal Organization.
coupon Payment Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:couponPaymentDateThe date at which the coupon is distributed to the bond unit holder.
Currency Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:CurrencyStrategyStrategy which is currency based.
Debt Stake In Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:DebtStakeInFundA stake held in a fund by way of a Bond Unit.
denomination (civ)fibo-civ-fnd-civ:denominationDenomination Currency of the fund – Currency in which the fund unit is issued or redenominated and the currency of the NAV calculation.
dividend Payment Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:dividendPaymentDateDay and month on which the dividends would normally be paid.
dividend Payment Frequencyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:dividendPaymentFrequencyThe frequency with which income is allocated (or deemed to be allocated) to investors (eg. six-monthly, yearly, etc).
domicilefibo-civ-fnd-civ:domicileCountry in which the investment fund is domiciled.
end Of Fiscal Yearfibo-civ-fnd-civ:endOfFiscalYearDay and month on any given year at which the books are closed and profit and loss is determined.
Equity Assetfibo-civ-fnd-civ:EquityAssetThe holding of equity securities in a portfolio.
Equity Asset only has Identityfibo-civ-fnd-civ:EquityAsset_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:hasIdentityA subtype of associative entity ‘has Identity’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Equity Asset
Equity Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:EquityFundA fund which invests in at least 85% shares.
Equity Portfoliofibo-civ-fnd-civ:EquityPortfolioA portfolio which has at least 85% exposure to shares.
Equity Stake In Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:EquityStakeInFundA stake held in a fund by way of a Share Class Unit.
ex Coupon Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:exCouponDateThe date at which the coupon is substracted from the NAV
ex Div Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:exDivDateThe date at which the dividend is substracted from the NAV
FCPfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FCPA French fund vehicle type. Designation and definition needed.
Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDistinct pool of financial instruments managed by a single investment policy.
Fund Accountantfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundAccountantThe party that keeps accounting records of the available assets and liabilities of the Fund. It calculates dealing prices, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund, and may provide fund performance and tax data. Can be subcontracted by the FundAdministrator.
Fund Administratorfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundAdministratorEntity that has to fulfil the legal and supervisory requirements of the fund. Responsible for all the business purposes around the investment pool, and so is reponsible for the issuing of the shares.
Fund Auditorfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundAuditorThe party that is in charge of examining and verifying a fund’s financial and accounting records as well as supporting documents and fulfilment of legal requirements. Definition origin:EFAMA DD
Fund Bond Class Unitfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundBondClassUnitA fund unit which takes the form of debt in that fund.
Fund Bond Unit Couponfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundBondUnitCouponA fixed coupon paid out to holders of the Fund Bond Unit.
Fund Cash Distribution Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundCashDistributionPolicyPolicy for distribution of cash dividends or notes in the event that the fund units have a distribution policy of “Cash” rather than “Reinvestment”.
Fund Classificationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundClassificationThe category of the fund according to the asset class. This is a published code by which the Fund is classified. Further notes: Could be EFCF codes. This is the way in which “Type of fund” is articulated.
Fund Classification Schemefibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundClassificationSchemeA published scheme for the category of a fund according to the asset class.
Fund Coupon Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundCouponPolicyTerms for the expected distribution of bond unit coupons.
Fund Data Providerfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDataProviderA party which supplies market data to a fund.
Fund Debtfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDebtDebt issued by a Fund.
Fund Depositaryfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDepositaryThe party that holds and safeguards holdings owned by a fund. It is also responsible for compliance of the portfolio with legal ratios etc.
Fund Distribution Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDistributionPolicyPolicy indicating the overall strategy or limitations on distribution for the fund
Fund Distributorfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDistributorAn entity through which a fund may be bought by or for an investor. This may be on a discretionary or advisory basis, or as an execution-only service. Definition origin:EFAMA DD
Fund Dividend Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundDividendPolicyTerms for the expected distributions of dividends.
Fund Equityfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundEquityA share or proportion of the capital gains in a fund.
Fund Investment Objectivefibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundInvestmentObjectiveThe aim of a Fund e.g outperfom a given benchmark.
Fund Investment Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundInvestmentPolicyPolicy that the fund implements in order to achieve the stated fund objectives
Fund Investorfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundInvestorA party which invests in the Fund. It does this by holding some tradable unit (which represents some stake) in that fund.
Fund Investor Typefibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundInvestorTypeThe type of party that is eligible to invest in a fund.
Fund Legal Contractfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundLegalContractFor a fund which is constituted under the law of contract, the contract that embodies the fund legal form.
Fund Legal Formfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundLegalFormThe legal form of the fund, eg Joint Stock Company, SPV etc.
Fund Legal Form Documentationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundLegalFormDocumentationFor a fund which is constituted under the law of contract, the constitution or articles that define the fund. These are embodied in a Contract.
Fund Management Companyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundManagementCompanyThe party that sets up the fund, decides the investment strategy, appoints the agents, and is responsible for the promotion and the marketing of the fund. It makes all of the important decisions related to the fund. Also called fund promotor or fund sponsor or fund manager.
Fund Managerfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundManagerThe party that sets up the fund, decides the investment strategy, appoints the agents, and is responsible for the promotion and the marketing of the fund. It makes all of the important decisions related to the fund. Also called fund promotor or fund sponsor. This is a dupliucate of Fund Management Company at the moment
Fund Order Deskfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundOrderDeskThe Fund Order Desk is a party to the Fund Order Desk Account.
Fund Order Desk Physical Form Documentfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundOrderDeskPhysicalFormDocumentA phsyical form obtained through the main fund order desk.
Fund Portfoliofibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundPortfolioAn account containing a number of financial instruments along with cash positions in one or more currencies and belonging to a Fund
Fund Portfolio Investment Limitationsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundPortfolioInvestmentLimitationsDetailed Policy on approximately how the portfolio is to be allocated to achieve the stated investment goals. This underpins the detailed strategy of how to achieve this.
Fund Portfolio Investment Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundPortfolioInvestmentPolicyPolicy with respect to allocation of the portfolio that is designed to meet the stated investment strategy and goals
Fund Processing Formfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundProcessingFormThe form of documentation or control mechanism required for some funds processing activity.
Fund Processing General Termsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundProcessingGeneralTermsFormal terms for general processing of the fund. These set out what the investor and the fund may or may not do.
Fund Processing Termsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundProcessingTermsFormal terms for processing of the fund. These set out what the investor and the fund may or may not do. These include terms for redemption and subscription processing as well as general processing terms. ISO FIBIM definition: Processing characteristics linked to the instrument, ie, not to the market.
Fund Promoterfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundPromoterAn entity that promotes a fund. May be an investor, pension fund, bank, insurance company or management company
Fund Prospectusfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundProspectusThe Prospectus for the Fund. This is a document made available publicly for potential investors. It will include facts about the fund investment objective, investment focus and other details of the fund. Some of this information becomes binding on the fund once it is issued, while other information is guidelines only.
Fund Redemption Termsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundRedemptionTermsFormal terms for redemption of units in the fund. These set out what the investor and the fund may or may not do.
Fund Reinvestment Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundReinvestmentPolicyTerms for the expected reinvestment of profits on fund units.
Fund Reporting Termsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundReportingTermsTerms describing the accounting methods and reporting arrangements used by the fund.
Fund Share Class Unitfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundShareClassUnitThe legal structure in which you can purchase part of an investment pool, defined by a variety of characteristics like investor type, minimum size of investment, distribution type, fee and currency. A fund unit which gives the holder an equity stake in the fund.
Fund Share Class Unit Dividendfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundShareClassUnitDividendExpected dividend payment from a Fund Unit. REVIEW: Does this apply to the Fund as a whole or to a unit in the fund? This term will be redefined following the Funds model restructuring
fund Structurefibo-civ-fnd-civ:fundStructureStructure of the subfund, eg, single fund, multi-class.
Fund Structurefibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundStructureOne of the different ways in which a Fund may be structured.
Fund Subscription Termsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundSubscriptionTermsSubscription terms for the fund. Further notes: ISO FIBIM, EFAMA DD and FPP combine terms for subscription, redemption and general holding requirements. These have been separated here as they are different kinds of term, but this can be reviewed. Subscription Terms are identified as terms of the fund and not the fund unit, since terms for how you might subscribe can’t be binding one someone who has not yet subscribed.
Fund Supervisory Authorityfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundSupervisoryAuthorityThe legal entity which supervises the fund or fund industry
Fund Transfer Agentfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundTransferAgentAn entity that undertakes the execution of subscription, redemption and switch orders on behalf of a fund. Definition origin:EFAMA DD
Fund Unitfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundUnitA unit in a fund, which may be traded and is a contract between the fund and the holder of that unit.
Fund Unit Distribution Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundUnitDistributionMethodThe normal distribution policy for funds.
Fund Unit Distribution Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundUnitDistributionPolicyPolicy relating to the unit, e.g. if income is paid out or retained in the fund and how this is treated, including distribution policy details for dividends and coupons.
Fund Unit Holdingfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundUnitHoldingA holding of a unit in another fund.
Fund Unit Holding only comprisesfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundUnitHolding_only_fibo-fnd-rel-rel:comprisesA subtype of associative entity ‘comprises’ to restrict child entities for the parent, Fund Unit Holding
Fund Units Settlement Terms Conventionfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundUnitsSettlementTermsConventionDefault settlement terms which may apply to a fund, trading of for units in the fund and for redemption of fund units.
Funds Cash Distributionfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsCashDistributionAccrued income is distributed periodically to the investor.
Funds Creationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsCreationSPV set up for fund management Conesnsus:Review
Funds Processingfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsProcessingThe context of managing and processing funds, issuing funds units etc. This is the context in which the different parties involved in a fund are defined as parties.
Funds Processing Accountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsProcessingAccountAn account used specifically in the processing of funds. Like all accounts this is (per FIBIM definition) a business relationship between two entities; one entity is the account owner, the other entity is the account servicer. Please refer to Financial global model for treatment of accounts relationships in this model.
Funds Processing Partyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsProcessingPartyA party involved in the processing of funds in some way.
Funds Processing Passportfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsProcessingPassportThe Funds Processing Passport. This is defined as a document. This has terms drawn from elsewhere in the model which are defined as part of the FPP for reasons defined in the FPP descriptions.
Funds SPVfibo-civ-fnd-civ:FundsSPVA Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up specifically to create an investment fund. It is set up by a company or a group of companies for this purpose. The SPV is formed for a specific reason and exists for a specific period of time and is then disbanded.
Gross Of Fee Performance Determination Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:GrossOfFeePerformanceDeterminationMethodPerformance determined gross of fee. Review: Is this mutually exclusive with the other listed method? It sounds like it is not.
has Data Providerfibo-civ-fnd-civ:hasDataProviderHas an organization which is the data provider and is legally responsible for the information provided
has Detailsfibo-civ-fnd-civ:hasDetailsInformation on the net asset value calculation of the investment fund component.
has Fund Identificationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:hasFundIdentificationIdentification of the investment fund. Note this relationship has no parent, and is a sibling to the identifiaciton relationship for Incorporated Company. As BEI work progresses, these should both have a parent relationship for all legal entitity identification.
has Fund Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:hasFundPolicyOverall policy for amounts invested, limitations etc. Not the same as the detailed Portfolio policy.
has Issue Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:hasIssueDateDate of first NAV calculation and start of performance calculations (same as launch date)
Hedge Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:HedgeFundDefinition needed Review notes (EFAMA?) Also only closed ended according to regulations. This is not always a kind of closed fund.
holds (civ)fibo-civ-fnd-civ:holdsThe Funds Special Purpose Vehicle holds this Fund.
identifies (civ)fibo-civ-fnd-civ:identifiesJurisdiction (country, county, state, province, city) of the investment.
inception Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:inceptionDateAuthorization date in the country of origin.
Income Accumulationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:IncomeAccumulationAccrued income is not distributed and instead remains reflected within the unit/share price.
initial Application Formfibo-civ-fnd-civ:initialApplicationFormPhysical application form for the initial subscription by the investor.
intended Liquidation Datefibo-civ-fnd-civ:intendedLiquidationDateThe date on which the SPV is scheduled to be disbanded and wound up.
Investment Advisorfibo-civ-fnd-civ:InvestmentAdvisorThe party that provides investment guidance at a fee. Definition origin:EFAMA DD
Investment Restrictionfibo-civ-fnd-civ:InvestmentRestrictionLimitations that apply to the fund as a whole, such as risk factors. these are used to determine whether the fund is appropriate for a given type of investor to invest in.
Investment Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:InvestmentStrategyPlan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific investment goal
is Open Ended Or Closedfibo-civ-fnd-civ:isOpenEndedOrClosedWhether the fund is open ended or closed.
issue Pricefibo-civ-fnd-civ:issuePriceThe price at which the Fund Unit was first issued.
Jurisdiction Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:JurisdictionStrategyStrategy which is jurisdiction based.
legally Recorded Infibo-civ-fnd-civ:legallyRecordedInRelationship note: This relationship has no obvious parent; it is similar to Security legally recorded in Jurisdiction, but that inherits from Contract jurisdiction whereas a Fund is a Pool not a Contract. So the meaning is not the same. Assign parent relationship in future if a more general one exists; at present there is none.
Liquidityfibo-civ-fnd-civ:LiquidityPrecise definition needed for liquidity, and check that it is modeled accordingly.
maximum Deviationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumDeviationMaximum allowable deviation from the benchmark.
maximum Investment Amountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumInvestmentAmountMaximum amount that may be invested in the specified strategy.
maximum Investment Percentagefibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumInvestmentPercentageMaximum percentage that may be invested in the specified strategy.
maximum Purchasing Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumPurchasingFeeMaximum percentage or fixed amount of money due when purchasing fund shares Definition origin:EFAMA DD
maximum Redemption Amountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumRedemptionAmountMaximum quantity of securities, expressed as an amount that can be sold.
maximum Redemption Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumRedemptionFeeMaximum percentage or fixed amount of money due when redeeming fund shares Definition origin:EFAMA DD
maximum Redemption Percentagefibo-civ-fnd-civ:maximumRedemptionPercentageMaximum quantity of securities, expressed as a percentage that can be sold.
may Also Befibo-civ-fnd-civ:mayAlsoBeThe unit issuer would be the fund administrator (except when it is a Bond).
minimum Deviationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumDeviationMinimum allowable deviation from the benchmark.
minimum Holding Periodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumHoldingPeriodPeriod, in days, during which the units/shares must be held following their issue before redemption will be permitted.
minimum Initial Subscription Amountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumInitialSubscriptionAmountMinimum initial subscription value.
minimum Investment Amountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumInvestmentAmountMinimum amount that has to be invested in the specified strategy.
minimum Investment Percentagefibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumInvestmentPercentageMinimum percentage that has to be invested in the specified strategy.
minimum Rating Restrictionfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumRatingRestrictionThe minimum rating of securities to be invested in.
minimum Remaining Holding Amountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumRemainingHoldingAmountMinimum value of units/shares that must be retained to avoid automatic redemption.
minimum Subscription Amountfibo-civ-fnd-civ:minimumSubscriptionAmountMinimum subscription value for existing investors.
Money Weighted Rate Of Return Performance Determination Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:MoneyWeightedRateOfReturnPerformanceDeterminationMethodMoney weighted rate of return.
Net Asset Value Calculation Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:NetAssetValueCalculationMethodParameters for the calculation of the net asset value for an investment fund/fund class.
Note Fund Unitfibo-civ-fnd-civ:NoteFundUnitNeed a legal definition – to follow. This is one of the mechanisms by which an investor may hold an interest in a fund, but is not a Bond or a Share.
Note Stake In Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:NoteStakeInFundA stake held in a fund by way of a note.
Organization Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:OrganizationStrategyStrategy which is organization based.
Other Investment Fund Informationfibo-civ-fnd-civ:OtherInvestmentFundInformationThings which are not part of the prospectus but are important if you want to understand the fund.
percentage Investedfibo-civ-fnd-civ:percentageInvestedThe percentage of funds that is to be invested at any given time.
Performance Determination Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:PerformanceDeterminationMethodA method for performance determination (e.g. Time weighted and money weighted, annualized, gross of fee) along with the time frame in which this is determined. PLUS Performances NamePeriod
performance Determination Timeframefibo-civ-fnd-civ:performanceDeterminationTimeframeThe timeframe on which the performance is reported (e.g. 1month, 1 year, YTD).
performance Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:performanceFeeFees paid for the achivements of predefined outperformance objectives Definition origin:EFAMA DD
Portfolio Benchmarkfibo-civ-fnd-civ:PortfolioBenchmarkSecurity or other price against which the performance of the portfolio is evaluated.
Portfolio Investment Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:PortfolioInvestmentStrategyThe manner in which the portfolio manager tries to reach the funds objectives.
Portfolio Managerfibo-civ-fnd-civ:PortfolioManagerPerson or entity responsible for day to day investment decisions for a fund or asset
Private Equity Holdingfibo-civ-fnd-civ:PrivateEquityHoldingA holding of private equity.
processing Countryfibo-civ-fnd-civ:processingCountryCountry in which the processing characteristic applies.
processing Party Has Identityfibo-civ-fnd-civ:processingPartyHasIdentityThe organization which plays the role of the funds processing party
purchasing Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:purchasingFeeActual percentage or fixed amount of money due when purchasing fund shares Definition origin:EFAMA DD
redemption Cutoff Date Timefibo-civ-fnd-civ:redemptionCutoffDateTimeLast date/time at which an order to redeem can be given.
redemption Dealing Frequencyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:redemptionDealingFrequencyFrequency at which the redemptions are done.
redemption Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:redemptionFeeActual percentage or fixed amount of money due when redeeming fund shares Definition origin:EFAMA DD
redemption Formfibo-civ-fnd-civ:redemptionFormPhysical written instruction/renunciation form for redemption of units/shares by the investor.
redemption Periodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:redemptionPeriodSpecific period, eg, for some guaranteed funds, during which the units/shares may be redeemed.
Refer To Fund Order Deskfibo-civ-fnd-civ:ReferToFundOrderDeskRestriction requiring an investor to refer to the fund order desk prior to redeeming a fund.
reinvestment Frequencyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:reinvestmentFrequencyFor units where there is Reinvestment distribution, the frequency with which the reinvestment takes place (this will be the same or less frequently than the Dividend Payment Frequency), otherwise this fact does not apply.
Reporting Frequency Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:ReportingFrequencyPolicyFrequency with which financial reports will be presented.
s PV Holds Poolfibo-civ-fnd-civ:sPVHoldsPoolA Special Purpose Vehicle always holds some kind of pool. This may be a debt pool, an asset pool (fund) or some pool of securities from which it issues Participation Notes.
Sector Strategyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SectorStrategyStrategy which is sector based.
Semi Annual Reporting Policyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SemiAnnualReportingPolicyReports are presented twice a year.
SICAFfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SICAFA French fund vehicle type. Designation and definition needed.
SICAVfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SICAVSociete Collective a Capital Variable
Sovereign Wealth Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SovereignWealthFundGovernment investment fund funded by foreign currency reserves. Review: Also include things like International Monetary Fund. Are these a Legal Entity? See also Funds model. Move the question about Sovereign Wealth Funds to the Funds model. Looking at definitions (e.g. Wikipedia) it’s a state owned investment fund. The legal entity owner is a government (or in fact a State, which is governed by a Government).
Special Purpose Vehiclefibo-civ-fnd-civ:SpecialPurposeVehicleA Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) set up specifically to issue a security or securities. It is set up by a company or a group of companies for some purpose such as to create instruments that are off the company’s balance sheet or to issue Participation Notes for investors in another jurisdiction. The SPV is formed for a specific reason and exists for a specific period of time and is then disbanded. Further notes: Special Purpose Vehicles are also referred to as bankruptcy remote entities, as they isolate financial risk. For Participation Notes: slightly different purpose but the same kind of vehicle. The only investment made by the SPV is that they buy in the stock. These are the same kind of entity in all of the contexts in which they exist.
sponsored Byfibo-civ-fnd-civ:sponsoredByThe entity which is the creator and servicer of the SPV. Notes: To protect investors from possible bankruptcy of the corporation, there are three legal safeguards: – Transfer of assets from the corporation is a non-recourse, true sale. – Investors receive a perfected interest in the assets’ cash flows. – A non-consolidation legal opinion is obtained certifying that assets of the trust or special purpose vehicle cannot be consolidated with the corporation’s assets in the event of bankruptcy.
SPV Purposefibo-civ-fnd-civ:SPVPurposeThe reason for the creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle.
Stake In Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:StakeInFundThe holding of some portion in a fund, by some party. This stake will generally tak ethe form of some sort of unit in that fund.
stated Management Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:statedManagementFeeThe fee that is stated in the Prospectus as being what is to be charged for management. Further notes: Can be monetary amount or a percentage or a combination. Action: simple type is wrong.
Sub Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SubFundA set of share classes is a compartment of an umbrella fund. In this case, subfund is a synonym of investment fund and therefore has the same attributes as investment fund.
Sub Fund Managerfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SubFundManagerA sub fund manager is …
Subfund Supervisory Authorityfibo-civ-fnd-civ:SubfundSupervisoryAuthorityThe legal entity which supervises the fund or fund industry(for a subfund located in a different country)
subscription Cutoff Date Timefibo-civ-fnd-civ:subscriptionCutoffDateTimeLast date/time at which an order to subscribe can be given.
subscription Dealing Frequencyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:subscriptionDealingFrequencyFrequency at which the subscriptions are done.
subscription Period (civ)fibo-civ-fnd-civ:subscriptionPeriodSpecific period, eg, for some guaranteed funds, during which the units/shares may be subscribed to.
subsequent Application Formfibo-civ-fnd-civ:subsequentApplicationFormPhysical application form for subsequent investments by the same investor.
switching Feefibo-civ-fnd-civ:switchingFeeActual percentage or fixed amount of money due when switching to another fund. Definition origin:EFAMA DD
Time Weighted Rate Of Return Performance Determination Methodfibo-civ-fnd-civ:TimeWeightedRateOfReturnPerformanceDeterminationMethodTime weighted rate of return.
tracking Errorfibo-civ-fnd-civ:trackingErrorSee RiskFactors narrative in EFAMA DD
Umbrella Fundfibo-civ-fnd-civ:UmbrellaFundFund structure which has one or more investment pools.
Unit Issuerfibo-civ-fnd-civ:UnitIssuerThe party which issues the Fund Unit.
valuation Frequencyfibo-civ-fnd-civ:valuationFrequencyFrequency of the net asset value calculation.
value At Riskfibo-civ-fnd-civ:valueAtRiskSee RiskClassification_NameOf in EFAMA DD Applies to Fund not Portfolio.