Class iapd-sec-cr:Item5GType

The answers are object properties to the anwerYNType class. Fundontology transforms this into object properties to classification codes that apply. (see FR_IA_Firm.ttl)
iapd-sec-cr:q5G8 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G4 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G6 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G12Oth only iapd-sec-cr:Str128Datatype
iapd-sec-cr:q5G1 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G8 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G5 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G7 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G9 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G4 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G12Oth max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G7 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G2 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G10 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G1 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G3 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G12 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G6 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G11 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G10 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G5 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G2 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G3 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G12 max 1
iapd-sec-cr:q5G11 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
iapd-sec-cr:q5G9 only iapd-sec-cr:AnswerYNType
Firm's response to Part1A Item 5G - advisory services (1) Financial planning services (2) Portfolio management for individuals and/or small businesses (3) Portfolio management for investment companies (as well as “business development companies” that have made an election pursuant to section 54 of the Investment Company Act of 1940) (4) Portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles (other than investment companies) (5) Portfolio management for businesses (other than small businesses) or institutional clients (other than registered investment companies and other pooled investment vehicles) (6) Pension consulting services (7) Selection of other advisers (including private fund managers) (8) Publication of periodicals or newsletters (9) Security ratings or pricing services (10) Market timing services (11) Educational seminars/workshops (12) Other (specify):

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