Class fr-rule-iaa:Exempted_Ex_USC_s80b_3_b_7_B_Small_Business_license

A simplification for the Fund Regulation Prototype. We assume the adviser is already tagged in the FIBO load. This can be expanded to examine the notice and license qualification.
Exempted ex. USC § 80b–3 (b) (7) (B) - Small Business license
jc-core:considered_by value fr-rule-iaa:FR_Exempted_USC_s80b_3_b_7_B_small_business_license
and (fibo-fnd-rel-rel:isClassifiedBy value fr-fin-ref:IAA_misc_Small_Business_license)
A defined class for FIBO Functional Business Entities that are exempted from Securities & Exchange Commission registration under U.S. Code § 80b–3 (b) (7) : “any investment adviser, other than any entity that has elected to be regulated or is regulated as a business development company pursuant to section 54 of the Investment Company Act of 1940 [15 U.S.C. 80a–53], who solely advises— ". (B) entities that have received from the Small Business Administration notice to proceed to qualify for a license as a small business investment company under the Small Business Investment Act of 1958, which notice or license has not been revoked; The equivalent class simply consits of all FIBO Investment Advisers that are classified as Small Business Advisers license pending. Inferred members are considered by the exclusion rule, which applies the exclusion status.

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